History of the Hotel Eastin

The Hotel Eastin was built in 1906 by Kasper Schuler.  It would be the first brick & mortar building in Kremmling.  Kasper Schuler used the lower part of the building as a bottling works, called Kremmling Bottling Works, which dispensed ginger ale, Sarsaparilla and Lithrock .

Upstairs would be an 8 room boarding house called The Schuler House ran by Miss Elise Kienholz.

By 1914 Kasper Schuler would sell the building to Miss Kienholz and move to Florida. Miss Kienholz would have it until 1933 when she sold it to The Eastins. The Eastins would change the name to Eastin Hotel and add 20 rooms, for a total of 28 rooms.  There were 2 generations of Eastins who owned the hotel.  Today, Walt & Maryann welcome you to the Hotel. They have tours of the hotel and can show you the room where Zane Grey wrote his famous book, The Mysterious Rider. Test​

Welcome to the Hotel Eastin